Following woman’s rape in Delhi, Indian government springs into action

Too bad it’s the wrong kind of action.

The government continues to fight a vigorous battle to keep the woman’s name secret. Perhaps they imagine that leaving her nameless will leave a void that will dissipate protesters’ anger.

The government whisked her off to Singapore (though she was in a medically fragile state) ostensibly to provide treatment not available in India. In fact, the top hospitals in India draw patients from all over South Asia and the middle east. If the government hoped her departure would defuse the rage of protesters in Delhi streets, they were mistaken.

The government repatriated the woman in the early dawn hours after she died from her injuries, and cremated her within hours of her arrival in India. If it imagined these actions would defuse protests about the high rates of rape and sexual assault on Indian girls and women, it was wrong.

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