Male village leaders in Haryana, Gujarat, and other parts of India have been holding emergency meetings over the increased rate of rapes and assaults on women in their areas. Why is this happening and how can we prevent it in the future, they ask. The explanations and solutions to such attacks on girls and women are simple. They are out and about too much–they should stay home (abandon school or employment) and stop taking buses or riding scooters (which increased mobility). The exposure of female hair or skin tempts men–they should cover themselves more carefully and keep away from men. The use of cell phones is increasing women’s ability to communicate (with men)–restrict cell phone usage by women and girls. Because as we all know, if potential victims disappear there could be no perpetrators(?!).

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  1. Valerie McDonald · · Reply

    i always wonder what makes the men so afraid that they wish to banish women from public life?

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